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Improve morale in a

work-from-home culture

It's a whole new world. 

While working from home isn't a new idea, it may be entirely new to you and your team. And that brings a whole new level of stress in an already volatile environment.

We're here to say, "Relax, you've got this!"

With just a few easy-to-implement best practices, you'll give your team a sense of security and have them as finely tuned as if you gathering around the water cooler in person.

Optimize your work-from-home culture workshop 

In just one hour and a half session, we can help you tune up how your team works so you feel back in control in this otherwise out-of-control environment. This workshop is designed to help you create a solid foundation that makes your employees feel apart of something bigger than themselves. It gives them a sense of purpose and belonging from wherever they now do their work.

Here's what you'll get:

Mission, Vision, and Values: Inspire your employees from afar

We'll tap into what makes you passionate about your business and capture that to help you create a set of guiding principles applicable no matter where your employees are seated. But it's not enough just to state your goals, you have to walk the walk. We'll help your business embody those values with practical, easy-to-implement actions.

Standard Work: Give your employees the confidence to succeed

Receive guidance on how to manage without micro-managing and gain transparency into the issues your employees are facing daily. We'll take a look at how your team currently communicates and wrap processes to give everyone peace of mind that it is truly business as usual.  

Tools consultation: Set your entire organization up for success

We can evaluate your current bag of tricks and make recommendations to help enhance communication and most importantly give you the same sense of control you had when your team was all in one location.

Private Facebook Group Access: Get the support you need on an ongoing basis

Our Facebook group connects you with like-minded managers and gives you tips to keep your workforce motivated during these uncertain times. 

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is feeling anxious managing remote teams

  • New managers

  • Teams affected by high absentee numbers due to illness

  • Anyone who just wants to revisit their company culture in this new era of working from home


Why invest?

  • Gaining control now sets you up for success for the unforeseeable future

  • Employee morale will improve knowing you're dedicated to their happiness and growth in an uncertain era

  • Productivity will improve – even away from the office!

Our goal is to make this affordable and easy to implement, so we're offering this hands-on workshop for an introductory price of $199. You'll get practical guidance and tools you can implement immediately from two experts who have developed company cultures and worked in remote teams for two decades. 


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About Leanne and Matt


Leanne Johnson

Leanne has helped build Fortune 100 brands and educate employees about how to make branding a part of their daily habits for more than 20 years. Additionally, she has managed high-performing teams in just about every time zone. Managing people is one of her passions and she hopes to share her lifelong learnings to help you excel in this new era of working remotely.

Matt Pollet

Matt has worked in branding and marketing throughout his career and has been instrumental in building positive team environments. His creative know-how combined with his analytical prowess makes him the perfect partner to help businesses find a voice that inspires positive employee morale.

Work-from-home culture workshop
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