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Attract more patients.

Grow your practice.

Your number one concern: Patient Care

Our number one concern: Your Success

Vitals Healthcare Marketing helps practices like yours focus in on what you do best, delivering high-quality care. You can't afford not to be marketing online, but you also can't afford a full-time marketing person.

This program gives you access to 20+ years of healthcare marketing expertise for a fraction of the price of bringing a marketer on staff. And, because we work with a lot of different practices, we've tested what works, ensuring every dollar you spend on your marketing is working hard for you.

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Make the right impression

Consumers see 4,000 ads a day and spend 33% of their time online interacting on social channels.  Now more than ever, your brand needs to stand out and stand for something. 

We'll help you uncover the heart of your practice and create a brand system that connects with your patients, future patients, and employees on an emotional level. Doing so makes them feel much less like they're being sold to, but rather proud to be doing business with a practice that stands for something. 

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Scream it from the mountaintops

Now that you've created a brand with meaning, it's time to sprinkle that stuff everywhere! 

We help you build strategies to drive more visitors to your website, get the most out of your email lists, build a credible social presence, and educate your target market about your services. 

Your goal isn't just to get more patients, it's to build a reputation as THE expert in your field and a trusted resource for patients – new and old. 

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Patient Retention

Keep them coming back for more

Once you start booking appointments from bell to bell, you need to be sure you're giving your patients the best possible experience so they become evangelists for your practice.

We'll help you create communication systems that make your patients feel confident and appreciative of your practice, referral programs to help your practice grow through word-of-mouth marketing, and a feedback loop so you can turn rave reviews into hooks to attract your next new patients. 

Vitals helped our practice find its voice. Now we can confidently market without feeling like we're pestering our patients. They've given us the tools to build relationships with our patients online and in our office.  

Mindy Willits, NP

Cherry HIlls Midwifery & OBGYN

Take the first step toward accelerating your practice

If you're ready to start seeing real results in your private practice, a complimentary strategy session is the best place to start. 

Let's talk for 30 minutes to determine if your practice is ready to take it to the next level. 

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