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5 Reasons Every Private Practice Needs Branding & Marketing

It’s a virtual jungle out there. It used to be you were only competing with the doctors in or near your zip code for patients. Nowadays there are docs across the globe, teledocs, medical apps, self-help programs and whatever else you can think of drawing patients away from the traditional office setting and into an impersonal, online treatment experience.

That’s why it’s important for practices to flex their branding and marketing muscles to help attract the right patients to the right services. Here are 5 reasons you should be paying more attention to marketing.

A strong brand helps you rise above the noise.

Just think of how many ads you are personally exposed to throughout the course of your day. Each of your patients are being inundated with advertisers vying for their attention. If you really want to stand out, you need to create a brand that connects with your target market. Your brand needs to identify with your patients' beliefs and problems and establish that you are the best solution to the issues they face.

Branding reinforces a consistent message.

How confidently can you state your practice’s mission, vision, and values? Could your employees do the same? If not, then you need to laser focus on your brand message. When you all understand what you’re working to create, it becomes a reality – and your patients will take notice.

You learn to speak in a language your patients understand.

Branding isn’t about force-feeding your message to your target market. It’s about identifying with them and showing empathy for their issues, then positioning your practice as the most logical solution. Your messages take on a voice that allow your patients to know what you’re all about before they even walk in your waiting room. That’s where the magic happens and they choose you above any other option out there.

Marketing attracts the right patients to the right services.

No matter your speciality, there are certain services you provide that receive higher reimbursements than others. The right marketing campaign can promote those high-value services and fill your books with an appointment mix that boosts your practice's path to profits.

Loyal patients become your practice evangelists.

Do you have a brand that you rave about? Maybe it’s your favorite clothing store because they go the extra mile to make you feel important. Or it’s the little coffee shop you drive a block further to avoid the chain shops because you appreciate their charm and friendly environment in addition to a really great cup of coffee. The same is true for your practice. When you create a memorable experience for your patients, they become practice loyalists and become an extension of your marketing efforts through reviews and referrals.

If you think you can’t afford to add branding and marketing to your operating expenses, look at all the reasons above and ask yourself if you can afford not to. Branding and marketing help your practice grow. And when your practice is firing on all cylinders, you get back to focusing on what you love most – delivering awesome patient care.


Ready to turn your staff into a marketing machine? Now accepting applications to our online brand intensive, MarketMD. Arm your staff with the know-how to help make your brand stand out and market your services to help your practice grow. Take the next step toward a healthy practice and apply today.

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