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Building a strong brand and an effective marketing strategy is part science, part creative magic. If you start with the creative, you're missing out on building a strong foundation for your brand. But, when you work the process, your brand will become a reflection of the heart and soul of your business, your marketing will follow suit – and your customers will take notice.  

Lay the foundation to breakthrough branding & can't-ignore marketing 

These processes have been tested over decades with clients of every variety. You'll find when you work the process, the process works hard for you.

  • During your Health Check, we work to fully understand your business.


    Much as you wouldn’t want your doctor to make a diagnosis without completely understanding your health history or running tests, we can’t assess the health of your business without doing a little digging first.


    Our goal is to get a complete picture in order to make recommendations tailored to the unique needs of your business.

    Here's what we analyze:

    • Mission, vision, and values

    • Business structure

    • Target market

    • Products and services

    • Short- and long-term goals

    • Sales cycle and processes

    • Unique value proposition

    • Brand presence

    • Current marketing performance

  • Your brand is the pulse of your business. It is the foundation that connects your customers to your products and services.


    A strong brand attracts your target audience and inspires them to take action. We help you get to the heart of your business and build a brand that connects with your target market on an emotional level - making them loyal customers for life.

    During this custom workshop, we work to define the following for your brand:

    • Personality

    • Customer Avatar

    • Essence

    • Voice

    • Visual direction

  • It isn’t enough to build a beautiful, meaningful brand, sit back, and wait for the checks to start rolling in.


    Nope! Now that you have a killer brand, it's time to dig in with aggressive marketing strategies. 

    Vitals develops can’t-ignore campaigns that will give your prospects a reason to believe and move them through their buyer's journey – converting them from window shoppers to enthusiastic customers.

    We help you build a strategy with these tools:

    • Web audit

    • Content audit

    • Digital strategy

    • Nurture campaigns

  • Marketing without measurement is just fluff. You need to know your marketing investment is working hard for you every day. 


    That's why we market by the numbers, analyzing, adjusting, and relaunching to ensure you're getting a return on your investment. 

    We're so confident in our strategies, we guarantee you'll start seeing an increase in engagement through your social channels and website, or we'll work for free until you do. 


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